The Minors Nursery School encourages healthy eating and aims for the children to begin to understand how important it is to have a healthy, balanced diet.

We offer a variety of snacks, such as fresh fruit and vegetables, dried fruit, bread sticks, crackers and cheese, yoghurt, rice cakes and more. We will often provide a special theme related snack and aim to vary the textures as much as possible.

The importance of healthy eating is emphasised and children are encouraged to share their experiences. We promote a balanced attitude to nutrition, understanding the need for the occasional treat as well as an abundance of fresh produce

There are lots of opportunities for the children to prepare their own snacks, developing their independence. We encourage all children to try new and different foods but no child is obliged to eat snack and we never pressure.

We promote drinking water and fresh drinking water is available at all times.

At The Minors Nursery School we aim to make Snack Time a happy, social occasion for children and staff whilst ensuring that the standard of table manners and behaviour is consistent throughout the school. Staff must set a good example of good table manners and encourage the children to say ‘Please’ and ‘Thank you’. Conversation is encouraged and praised.

We adhere to the Food Safety (Temperature Control) regulations 1995 and snack is prepared by qualified staff that hold Food Hygiene Certificates.

Staff are aware and respect all allergies, medical and cultural differences in eating habits, ensuring similar alternatives are available for those who need it.